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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DAE 163LC - Oral Radiography Clinical Lab

1 Credits, 3 Contact Hours
0 lecture periods 3 lab periods

This is the clinical portion of DAE 163 . Principles to dental radiography as a diagnostic aid. Includes radiation production and biology. Also includes clinic experience in exposing, processing, mounting, and interpreting radiographs on mannequins and patients using a variety of radiographic techniques.

Corequisite(s): DAE 159 , DAE 160 , DAE 161 , DAE 162 , DAE 162LB , DAE 163 , DAE 164 , DAE 164LB , DAE 165 , DAE 165LC  
Information: Consent of program coordinator is required before enrolling in this course. DHE 116LC  can be substituted for DAE 163LC if completed within the last three years, see academic advisor or faculty for information regarding course substitution.

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate competency in the knowledge and skills required to systematically collect diagnostic data. 
  2. Demonstrate competency in the knowledge and skills required to manage infection hazard control protocol consistent with published professional guidelines.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of biomedical dental science.
  4. Define and explain state and federal dental laws and regulations.
  5. Demonstrate competency in the knowledge and skills in dental radiology.
  6. Complete a variety of radiographs on mannequins and patients.

  1. Introduction to Radiography
    1. History of radiography
    2. Production and characteristics of x-radiation
    3. Dental x-ray equipment
      1. Components
      2. Parts
    4. Inverse square law
  2. Radiation  Health and Safety
    1. Radiation safety legislation
    2. Radiation measurement terminology
    3. Measuring and monitoring devices
    4. Protection measures for the patient
    5. Radiation protection for operators
    6. Maximum permissible doses
  3. Dental Film
    1. Film emulsion and speeds
    2. Packaging, storage, and protection of film
    3. Types of intraoral and extraoral films
    4. Handling cassettes
  4. Film Processing
    1. Darkroom
      1. Equipment
      2. Illumination
      3. Maintenance
    2. Processing solutions and procedures
    3. Inadequacies caused by faulty processing techniques
    4. Film duplication
    5. Xeroradiography
  5. Digital Radiography
  6. Identification of Anatomical Landmarks for Mounting and Interpretation
    1. Radioluscent and radiopaque images
    2. Alveolor bone and supporting structures
    3. Landmarks identified
    4. Mounting, labeling, filing, and storage of radiographs
    5. Film viewing and preliminary radiographic interpretation
    6. Abnormal and normal pathological conditions
  7. Exposure Techniques
    1. Criteria for intraoral radiographs
    2. Horizontal and vertical angulation
    3. Principles of bisecting and paralleling techniques
    4. The periapical examination
    5. Fundamentals of interproximal radiography
    6. Radiography for children
    7. Patient management
    8. Infection control
    9.     Evaluation of radiographic quality
    10. Digital radiography
  8. Principles of Supplementary Film
    1. Occlusal surveys
    2. Types of uses of extraoral film
    3. Lateral jaw survey
    4. Tempromandibular articulation survey
    5. Cephalometric radiography
    6. Panoramic radiography
    7. Other imaging systems

Effective Term:
Full Academic Year 2019/20

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