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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog
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FSS 281 - Capstone: Certified Personal Trainer

1 Credits, 1 Contact Hours
1 lecture period 0 lab periods

Comprehensive examination of the different areas of study for the personal trainer. Includes exercise physiology, anatomy and kinesiology, nutrition, health screening and fitness assessments, programming, communication, special populations, injuries and emergency procedures, and legal and professional responsibilities.

Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of or current enrollment in: FSS 208 , FSS 218 ; FSS 234  or FSS 234A  or FSS 234B ; FSS 276 , and FSS 277 .
Information: This course is intended for the Fitness Professional Certificate program. Prerequisites may be waived with consent of instructor. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to sit for a national exam.
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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Apply to a program the various content areas a certified personal trainer will incorporate.    
  2. Apply exercise science principles in designing and administering an exercise program. 
  3. Evaluate exercise programming strategies in case studies with special populations.     

  1. Exercise Physiology
  2. Anatomy and Kinesiology
  3. Nutrition
  4. Health Screening and Fitness Assessments
  5. Programming
    1. Cardiovascular endurance
    2. Muscular strength and endurance
    3. Flexibility
  6. Communication
    1. Behavioral change
    2. Motivation and adherence
  7. Special Populations
  8. Injuries and Emergency Procedures
  9. Legal and Professional Responsibilities

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