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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Courses

General Education Requirements by Degree Type


Transfer Programs

The AGEC is a block of 32 or more credits that, when completed, will fulfill lower division general education requirements at all Arizona public community colleges and ASU, NAU, and UArizona, and will be fully applicable to the baccalaureate degree.



The AGEC-A applies toward PCC’s Associate of Arts and Associate of Fine Arts, and toward universities’ Bachelor of Arts or Fine Arts degree programs. 



The AGEC-B applies toward PCC’s Associate of Business and toward universities’ business administration degree programs.



The AGEC-S applies toward PCC’s Associate of Science, and toward universities’ Bachelor of Science degree programs.


Arizona General Education Curriculum-A (AGEC-A)  

Arizona General Education Curriculum-B (AGEC-B)  

Arizona General Education Curriculum-S (AGEC-S)  


Career and Technical Education (AAS) and Associate of General Education (AGS) Degrees



Communication 3 credits
Arts & Humanities 3 credits
Social & Behavioral Sciences 3 credits
Mathematics or Science 3 credits
Options course 3 credits
Total General Education Credits Required 15 credits

Some programs require specific courses for general education.


Special Requirement

One course from the requirement must meet one, of the two, awareness areas:

  • Ethnic/race/gender/class awareness
  • Contemporary global/international awareness or historical awareness

Math Competency

The math competency can be met by any one of the following:

  1. Completing one of the courses from the Mathematics Category with a “C” or better
  2. Specific mathematics placement test and score
  3. Completing MAT 092 , MAT 095 or MAT 097 with a “C” or better. Credits earned in these courses WILL NOT apply to general education credits, but completing one of these courses does meet the Math Competency.


CTE - Communication  

CTE - Arts & Humanities  

CTE - Mathematics or Science  

CTE - Social & Behavioral Science  

CTE - Options Category