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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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FSS 291 - Fitness Professional Internship

1 Credits, 3 Contact Hours
0 lecture periods 3 lab periods

Volunteer fitness professional field experience at an approved worksite. Includes communication in the fitness facility, positive work attitudes and practices, fitness professional ethics, and professional development. Also includes employment strategies, performance feedback, and fitness professional experience.

Prerequisite(s): FSS 218  or concurrent enrollment.
Information: Designed for students in their final semester of course work in the Fitness Professional Certificate program.

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate appropriate fitness professional skills assigned while working under the supervision of a personal trainer or site supervisor.
  2. Prepare a resume for an entry-level fitness professional position.
  3. Evaluate internship job site performance.

I.    Interpersonal Communication in the Fitness Facility

A.   Teamwork building between desk workers, personal trainers/group instructors, and clients

B.   Clear definition of goals for intern and supervisor

C.   Organizational structure of various fitness settings

D.   Supervisor’s style - delegation, direction, and use of intern

II.    Positive Work Attitudes and Practices

A.   Facility politics and suggestions for improvement of working relationships

B.   Constructive solutions vs. griping

C.   How to make a better impression in the work place

D.  Time management issues – juggling clients, classes, multiple job sites

E.  Stress management – maintaining personal balance and health while expending additional physical energy on client interactions

III.   Fitness Professional Ethics

A.   Confidentiality: practices and concerns

B.   Scope of practice - knowing when to refer clients out

C.   Student’s concerns

IV.  Fitness Professional Systems

A.   Initial client interviews and information collecting  

B.   File organization and assessment analysis

C.   Established procedures unique or common to various job sites

D.   Job site rules and regulations (dress code, working conditions)

V.   Fitness Professional Continuing Development

A.   Bridging the gap from student to professional

B.   Developing job advancement opportunities

VI.  Employment Strategies

A.   Resume preparation

1. Employment history

2. Academic background

3. Skills

B. Cover letters

C. Improving communication skills with client                                             

VII  Fitness Professional Field Experience

A. Completion of required number of hours at one or more approved work sites under the supervision of one or more supervising fitness professionals

B.   Interview clients and establish individualized specific/measurable/action-oriented/realistic/time bound (SMART) goals

C.         Participate in routine facility maintenance and make recommendations for equipment as indicated

VII. Final Evaluation

A. Student review of performance

B. Job-site supervisor review of student’s performance 

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