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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog
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FDC 212 - Tailoring: Jackets

3 Credits, 5 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 3 lab periods

Traditional and speed-tailoring methods for jackets utilizing advanced techniques and materials. Includes pattern alterations for jackets, buttonholes, welt pockets, shaping the interfacing, inner structure of jackets, and complete garment evaluation.

Prerequisite(s): FDC 211  with a grade of B or better.
Recommendation: Completion of FDC 112 with a grade of B or better before enrolling in this course. If any recommended course is taken, see a financial aid or Veteran’s Affairs advisor to determine funding eligibility as appropriate.
Information: Prerequisite may be waived with consent of instructor.

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Describe how fabrics behave and affect the end result of the jacket.
  2. Fit the tailored jacket for style, shape, and comfort.
  3. Demonstrate the principles of shaping the tailored garment using hair canvas or interfacing, pad-stitches, twill, and pressing techniques.
  4. Describe standards used to judge a well-fitted tailored garment and apply to current custom and mass market retail standards.
  5. Construct a tailored jacket.
  6. Evaluate completed garments by fabric selection, fit, workmanship, and appearance.

  1. Pattern Alterations for Jackets
  2. Bound Buttonholes and Buttonhole Placements
  3. Welt Pockets
  4. Shaping the Interfacing with Various Hand Stitches
  5. Inner Structure of Jackets
    1. Front interfacing
    2. Front facing
    3. Undercollar
    4. Armhole seams
    5. Hem and vents
    6. Lining
  6. Completed Garment Evaluation
    1. Fabric and design selection
    2. Fit of jacket
    3. Construction and workmanship
    4. Overall appearance

Effective Term:
Spring 2016

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