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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog
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FDC 211 - Apparel Design and Construction III

3 Credits, 5 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 3 lab periods

Continuation of FDC 111 . Advanced techniques in construction of clothing.  Includes pattern layout options, construction techniques and principles applied to special fabrics, fabric selection for specialty garments, evaluation, and trend analysis and design planning.  

Prerequisite(s): FDC 111  with a B or better.
Information: Prerequisite may be waived with consent of instructor.
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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Compare and contrast the strategies of layout.
  2. Demonstrate the ability in layout, cutting, and construction of garments of fabrics requiring special application, including plaid, napped or light reflecting fabrics and stretch or lingerie fabrics.
  3. Increase practice, evaluation of result, and skill in application of advanced apparel construction methods, principles and techniques, especially as applied to special fabrics.
  4. Practice, evaluate results, and increase skill in pressing, especially as applied to special fabrics.
  5. Line or place lining in a garment, demonstrating cutting, fitting and application of a lining by an appropriate method for fabrics and design.
  6. Conduct self-evaluation and goal setting to increase confidence and skill.

  1. Pattern Layout Options/Hand Layout
  2. Construction Techniques and Principles Applied to Special Fabrics
    1. Cutting skills yardage and layout
    2. Seams and seam finishes
    3. Pressing and finishing techniques
  3. Fabric Selection for Specialty Garments
    1. Lining performance
    2. Stretch requirement for fit and style
    3. Geometry of fabric design applied
  4. Evaluation
    1. Goal setting
    2. Mastering techniques of advanced apparel construction
    3. Commercial versus industry methods of construction
  5. Trend Analysis and Design Planning

Effective Term:
Full Academic Year 2020/2021

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