Jan 23, 2022  
2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog

Arizona General Education Curriculum-S (AGEC-S) Certificate

Required Courses

Humanities (1 course): 3 Credits

Social & Behavioral Sciences (2 courses): 6 Credits

Two courses from two different prefixes in this category.

Other Requirements (2 courses): 6-8 Credits

Complete two additional courses from the AGEC Other categories

Science - AGEC Other category

Total AGEC-S General Education Credits Required: 35-41 Credits

AGEC Special Requirements

Students are required to take courses that meet each of the following:

  • Intensive Writing and Critical Inquiry (I) - at least one course beyond the First-Year Composition involving the development of competence in written discourse and involve the gathering, interpretation, and evaluation of evidence is required.
  • Cultural Diversity (C) -  at least one course emphasizing ethnic, race, and/or gender awareness is required.
  • Global Awareness (G) - at least one course emphasizing contemporary global/international awareness is required.

AGEC special requirements can be completed in one, two or three courses. To avoid exceeding the 35 - 41 credits required for the AGEC; the student should choose required courses, above, so that these special requirements are met. See an advisor or counselor for help in selecting courses.

Intensive Writing and Critical Inquiry Courses

Cultural Diversity Courses

Global Awareness Courses