Mar 21, 2023  
2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog


Study the earth’s surface by taking geography courses that focus on the earth’s physical features and processes, the distribution of human cultures on the planet, climate change, globalization, remote sensing, mapping, cartography, and geographic information systems.

Geography courses are offered as part of the requirements of the Associate of Arts degree or may be taken as required or elective courses to complete other degrees.  Students interested in pursuing a degree at ASU, NAU or UA should meet with a geography faculty member or advisor to plan their course of study using transfer information.

Department Head:

Noah Fay, Ph.D.

Northwest Campus, C305, 7030



John Ocasio, (last name A-D)

Athena Andriakos, (last name E-H)

Erica Martin, (last name I-L)

Marisa Saxton, (last name, M-P)

Christina Foglia, (last name, Q-T)

Kelvin Dean, (last name, U-Z)


Anne Huth, Ph.D.,

Charlie MacCabe, (Discipline Coordinator)

Lynn Maners, Ph.D.,

Glen Sampson,

Cynthia Sorrenson,

Jim Washburne, Ph.D.,