Mar 21, 2023  
2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog


Providing the literacy skills and strategies necessary for critical thinking and college success. “You cannot un-educate the person who has learned to read.” –Cesar Chavez

Department Head:

Maggie Golston

West Campus J104 Mailcode 00170

Contact phone 520-206-6084


Melania Federico,

Christina Perez,

Full-time faculty:

Bernard Ngovo, Ph. Ed.

Deborah Morrison, M.A.

Greta Buck-Rodriguez, M.A.

Joel Dworin, M.A.

Program Highlights:

Learn to really read - for College, for your Career, for Life!

  • Increase your vocabulary
  • Improve your understanding of what you read
  • Learn a variety of study strategies
  • Learn to locate information to answer a question or solve a problem
  • Learn to think critically 
  • Enjoy communicating with others as you learn together


ACL 080  - Academic and Critical Literacy

This course reviews basic reading and writing for beginning college students. You will increase your vocabulary, improve your reading comprehension of narrative and expository text, review English grammar and mechanics, and write at least one essay. In this five credit course you will experience intensive, hands-on instruction and personal interaction with the instructor.

“I really appreciate all the help I got from the instructor and the tutor. “

- ACL 80 student

REA 091  - Reading Improvement I

This four credit course prepares students to read at the college level.  You will increase your vocabulary, learn how to study and retain information, improve your ability to comprehend what you read, and learn to answer questions and solve problems using information found through research.  Students interact to form a community of readers.

“The best college class I have ever taken by far.”

“I came into this class in the effort to become a better reader and text analyzer, and that’s exactly what this class helped me with.”

- Reading 91 students

REA 112  - Critical Reading

This course goes beyond basic reading comprehension to teach analysis, synthesis and evaluation of text. This highly relevant course is a “must have” for any student going into a program involving reading, studying, and application of information from college textbooks and academic research.  In addition, you will learn to find reliable information from a variety of sources, and gain valuable insight into your potential future career.

REA 112HP  - Critical Reading for Health Profession 

This course is specially designed for students going into the health professions.  You will learn medical terminology, strategies for reading and studying difficult text, how to analyze information from a variety of sources, and how to think critically about what you read.

“I was able to use what I learned in Reading 112 right away in my other classes in order to study better and improve my grades.”

- Reading 112 student