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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CRC 275 - Leadership for Health Professionals

2 Credits, 2 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 0 lab periods

Focuses on theory and concepts associated with self-leadership and professionalism and implementation strategies. Includes organizational strategies, effective communication, professional and leadership theories for ethical decision-making in the delivery of quality healthcare. 

Information: Based on proven strategies, this course will help you learn, appreciate, and use your talents and strengths as new professionals and individual leaders.

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Apply the principles and practices of leadership and mentorship to the clinical setting.
  2. Demonstrate cultural competency to improve communication and study engagement with a diverse patient population
  3. Synthesize ethical and professional conflicts and how they can be mitigated or prevented.
  4. Role-play using the clinical professional guidelines and codes of ethics

Performance Objectives:
  1. Develop personal leadership values, strengths, and weaknesses
  2. Define Unconscious Biases
  3. Role-play Crucial Conversation Techniques
  4. Articulate the behavioral practices (patterns of action) of effective professionals

I. Foundations of Communication

A. Active Listening

1. Types of Listeners

2. Techniques

3. Barriers to Active Listening

4. Exploring other types of Listening

   a. Critical

   b. Empathetic

   c. Results-centered

   d. Expansive

B. Writing Professionally

1. Reports and Medical Records

2. Email and electronic communication

3. Patient Education

C. Speaking Effectively

         1.  Patient Education

         2. Team and Peers

         3. Cultural Diversity

         4. Crucial Conversations

D. Presentations and Public Speaking

1. 10:20:30 Rule

2. Perfect Presentation

3. Building Confidence

II. Fundamentals of Collaboration

A. Working Cooperatively

B. Accountability

III. Information and Media

A. Facts, Stats, and Data

B. Ethics

C. Misinformation

IV. Emotional Intelligence

A. Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation

B. Motivation

C. Empathy

D. Social Skills

V. Anatomy of Exceptional Leadership

A. The other Q’s

1. IQ

2. FQ

        B. 3-H Leadership