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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

FSS 292 - Fitness and Wellness Internship

1 Credits, 3 Contact Hours
0 lecture periods 3 lab period

Volunteer health coach and employee wellness field experience at approved work sites.  Includes positive work attitudes and practices, professional ethics, and employment strategies.   

Prerequisite(s): Completion of or concurrent enrollment in: FAW 182, 183, 184, FSS 234 (or 234A and 234B), FSN 154 or FSS 241.   
Information: May be taken concurrently with prerequisites in the last semester. Designed for students in their final semester of course work in the Fitness and Wellness Specialist Certificate program.      

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate appropriate professional skills in a variety of tasks assigned, while working in a supervised setting.  
  2. Prepare a resume for an entry-level health/wellness coach position.
  3. Identify common barriers for client and develop solutions.


I.    Interpersonal Communication in the Facility

A.   Teamwork building between office support, health coach, and client

B.   Clear definition of goals for intern and supervisor C.        Supervisor’s style - delegation, direction, and use of intern

II.    Positive Work Attitudes and Practices

A.   Facility politics and suggestions for improvement of working relationships

B.   Constructive solutions vs. griping

C.   How to make a better impression in the work place

D.  Time management issues – juggling clients, classes, multiple job sites

E.  Stress management – maintaining personal balance and health while expending additional physical energy on client interactions

III.   Professional Ethics

A.   Confidentiality: practices and concerns

B.   Scope of practice – referrals  

C.   Client interviews and creating special/measurable/action-oriented/realistic/time bound (SMART) goals  

IV.  Employment Strategies  

  1. Resume preparation
  1. Employment history
  2. Academic background
  3. Skills assessment  
  1. Cover letters  

V.   Final Evaluation

A. Student review of performance

B. Job-site supervisor review of student’s performance