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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CMN 209 - Introduction to Communication Technology

3 Credits, 3 Contact Hours
3 lecture periods 0 lab periods

Introduction of communication technology and its applications to everyday life in the 21st Century. Focuses on the effects of computer-mediated communication (CMC) on our society, culture, and interpersonal relationships. Includes important communication technology approaches, concepts, and skills, future forecasting and trends, mass communication theory, and critical digital literacy. Also includes using technology tools for the effective creation of messages appropriate to the audience, purpose, and context.

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Explain important communication technologies theories, perspectives, and concepts.

2. Explain how communication technology affects our society, culture, and interpersonal relationships

3. Demonstrate ability to recognize some important communication technology applications

4. Increase computer mediated communication (CMC) competence in the use of communication technologies by creating messages appropriate for the audience, purpose, and context.

  1. Foundations of Mediated Communication
    1. Defining New Media
    2. Approaches to Communication Technology
    3. New Media Channels (media richness, synchronicity, social presence, guidelines for         choosing a channel)
    4. Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) Competence
  2. Communication Technology Effects
    1. Cultural Effects (cultural imperialism, hegemony, impact on cultural diversity, impact on cultural identity)
    2. CMC in Interpersonal Relationships
    3. Communication in Virtual Groups
  3. Communication Technology Applications
    1. Social Media
    2. Virtual Environments
    3. Communication Technology and Self: video game effects, films/TV/music/streaming, Internet addiction, identity and perception
  4. Communication Technologies Skills and Competencies
    1. Mediated Platform Assessment
    2. Message Encoding and Creation
    3. Audience Analysis