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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AFA 130 - The African Diaspora

3 Credits, 3 Contact Hours
3 Lecture Periods 0 lab periods

Survey of the African and African Diaspora people from origin to contemporary existence. Includes an introduction to the field of Africana studies by way of the African continent and its people; slavery, colonialism and freedom; creating the African Diaspora; (re)memory of African culture, colonialism and independence struggles; and other forms of resistance, rebellion and revolution. Also includes an overview of Pan-Africanism, Black Nationalism, and Black Power Movements; Black arts and African diasporic artistic expression, religions, practice, representation, and the contemporary Black world. 

Prerequisite(s):  WRT 101  or WRT 101HC  or WRT 101S  or WRT 101SE  
Gen-Ed: Meets AGEC - HUM and I, C, G; Meets CTE - A&H and C, G.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify key contributions of Africa and the African Diaspora in the creation and development of the modern world.
  2. Describe the historic and contemporary experiences of African-descended people
  3. Describe the evolution of African culture, art, and religion through the African Diaspora
  4. Students will achieve the outcomes listed above through the completion of critical inquiry and writing assignments that will satisfy the requirements of the Intensive Writing and Critical Inquiry designation

  1. Intensive Writing and Critical Inquiry
    1. Producing written discourse in more than one assignment through papers, reports, quizzes, tests, etc., which includes a minimum word standard of 3000 words.
    2. Written assignments emphasize critical inquiry which includes the gathering, interpreting, and evaluating of evidence.
    3. Includes a formal out of class paper of at least 1,500 words which requires critical inquiry and where the writer develops and supports a main idea.  
    4. Explicit writing instruction with timely feedback to help students improve their writing and critical inquiry skills is part of the course’s content.
    5. The evaluation of written assignments must include the overall quality of written work and critical inquiry, as measured by a rubric.
    6. At least 50% of the student’s grade must be based on the written work and critical inquiry assignments.
  2. Introduction to the Field of Africana Studies
  3. The African Continent and Its People
  4. Slavery, Colonialism, and Freedom
    1. The Forgotten East African Slave Trade
    2. Europe’s Quest to Conquer Africa
    3. Enslavement in the New World
    4. The Atlantic Creoles and West African Signares
  5. Creating the African Diaspora
    1. Forced and Free Migration
    2. Trade and Diplomacy
    3. Capitalism
    4. European Colonialism in the Atlantic
  6. (Re)memory of African Culture
    1. Language and Ajami Scripts
    2. Evolution of African Cultural in Latin America and The Caribbean
    3. Creating African American Culture
    4. Global Black Identities
    5. Food and Culture
  7. Identity and Disconnections from the African Origin
  8. Colonialism and the Struggle for Independence
    1. European colonies in the West Indies
    2. Abolitionist movements in the US
    3. Afro-Caribbean Independence Movements: Haiti, Jamaica,
    4. Economic ramifications and statehood in the Afro-Caribbean
  9. Resistance, Rebellion, and Revolutions
    1. Decolonizing Africa
    2. Caribbean Rebellions and Blueprints
    3. From Civil War to Civil Rights
    4. The Maroons of the Afro-Caribbean, Latin, and North Americas
    5. Resistance and safe spaces in Latin America
    6. Freedom in Canada Land
  10. Pan-Africanism, Black Nationalism, and Black Power
  11. Black Arts and Diasporic Artistic Expression
    1. African and Diasporic Literature
    2. Oral Traditions
    3. Music
    4. Visual Arts
    5. Film
  12. African and Diasporic Religions and Practice
    1. Indigenous African Spiritual Religions
    2. Christianity
    3.  West African Voudon to Haitian Voodoo
    4. Santeria, Lucumi, Candomblé- The evolution of the Yoruba Faith in the Western World
    5. Black Catholicism in the Afro-Caribbean and the Louisiana Territory
    6. African Islam
  13. Africa, The Diaspora, and Representation
    1. Racial Caste in Latin America
    2. Media Representation of Black Bodies
    3. Deficit Narratives of Blackness from the Outside world
  14. The Contemporary Black World
    1. Building the modern world
    2. Black Culture as Popular Culture in the US
    3. Economic effects of independence and colonization throughout the Diaspora