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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog
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HO 819 - Healthcare Fundamentals

90 Clock Hours, 0 Credits, 90 Contact Hours
0 lecture periods 0 lab periods

This course is designed to teach drug dose calculation to beginning practical nursing students, to introduce students to the basic skills required to administer medications via various routes. The course uses lecture, calculation practice and skills lab practice. Additionally, this course introduces the basic concepts and principles of pharmacology to be built upon throughout the Practical Nursing Program.   This theoretical and practical preparation course includes classroom and skills instruction.   

Information: Complete HO 818   Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology prior to registering for this class. 

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. [Leadership] Identifies the behaviors that facilitate the achievement of shared goals within the classroom environment.
  2. [Teamwork and Collaboration] Establishes supportive relationships with individuals and instructors in the learning environment by participating in learning activities and sharing knowledge.
  3. [Professionalism] Demonstrates professional behaviors that support a positive learning environment.
  4. [Communication] Utilize professional communication strategies in the learning environment.
  5. [Evidence-Based Practice] Define evidence-based practice in relation to drug-dose calculations and pharmacology.
  6. [Informatics] Demonstrate the use of electronic resources and tools to apply and learn drug-dose calculations and pharmacology content.
  7. [Patient-Centered Care] Identify how individual actions impact patient care.
  8. [Quality Improvement] Identify how data is used to monitor the patient pharmacological outcomes.
  9. [Safety] Demonstrates behavior to minimize risk of harm to patients, self, and providers.
  10. [Systems-Based Practice] Identify the inter-professional teams that enhance patient safety and improve patient outcomes related to pharmacology.

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