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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

TRS 162 - Introduction to Legal Spanish/English Interpretation

3 Credits, 3 Contact Hours
3 lecture periods 0 lab periods

Interpreting in a legal context. Includes interpreting in a legal setting, knowledge of legal procedure and ancillary issues related to legal terminology in Spanish and English, bicultural legal communication, and regional differences.

Information: Requires Spanish/English language fluency.
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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Discuss the significant issues specific to interpreting in legal settings.
  2. Identify various legal procedures in Spanish and English including names and legal terminology.
  3. Communicate through bilingual interpretation both legal information and questions regarding social justice.
  4. Identify bicultural legal issues and regional dialects related verbal and non-verbal communication.
  5. Introduction and successful fulfillment of State of Arizona credentialing program.
  6. Discuss the different resources for legal interpreting how these resources can help to begin a career in the field of legal interpreting.

  1. Interpreting in a Legal Setting
    1. Definition of interpreting in a legal setting
    2. Standards and ethics related to legal interpreting
    3. Ethical dilemmas
    4. Interpreting protocol
  2. Identify Various Legal Procedures in Spanish and English
    1. Legal procedures in Spanish
    2. Courtroom procedure
    3. Types of hearings
    4. Traffic court procedure
    5. Juvenile courts
    6. Depositions
  3. Spanish and English Legal Terminology
    1. Forensic pathology
    2. Weaponry
    3. Drug terminology
    4. Slang expressions
    5. Immigration
  4. Legal Communication 
    1. Managing cultural differences in legal communication
    2. Nonverbal communication in the legal setting
    3. Courtesy in the legal setting
    4. Familiar “tú”
    5. Formal “usted(es)”
    6. Language of the courtroom
    7. Translation issues
    8. Regionalisms
  5. State of Arizona Credentialing Exam
    1. Ethics and protocol
    2. Caseflow
    3. Court procedures
    4. Interpretation exams and over the phone interview (OPI)
  6. Resources for Legal Interpreting
    1. Interpreter resources
    2. Regional dictionaries
    3. Legal dictionaries
    4. Interpreter websites
    5. Legal interpreter organizations
    6. Legal reference books