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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

STU 210UA - University of Arizona Transition

2 Credits, 2 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 0 lab periods

One of two courses that serves as the capstone experience for several degree programs and addresses transfer to the University of Arizona. Includes a focus on exploration of the process for students in their final year at PCC who are transferring to the University of Arizona and how their overall College experience and learning can be applied to their future education, everyday life, and lifelong learning. Also includes development of a transfer plan that supports individual academic and career goals, financial aid, registration requirements, and participation in University of Arizona campus tours and presentations.

Recommendation: Consult with a counselor or advisor prior to enrolling in this course. Completion or near completion of the AGEC-A, B, or S is required.
Information: This class requires students to meet at the University of Arizona on specific days. Students not planning on attending the University of Arizona should take STU 210UT .

Course Learning Outcomes
1. Create a plan for a successful university and career transition.

2. Demonstrate the use of community college, university, and other transfer resources.

3. Consult university advising and follow common university transition procedures.

4. Evaluate financial resources and create a financial plan for university costs.

5. Demonstrate a comprehensive application of College learning outcomes and applicability to future education and personal experiences.

  1. Planning for Successful Transfer
    1. Define academic goals and career goal
      1. Major
      2. Career field of choice
    2. Research of in-state and out-of-state university transfer options
    3. Review of PCC courses completed and in progress
    4. Transfer process time line
    5. Consulting with university/department undergraduate advisors
    6. Appropriate topics to discuss with undergraduate advisors
      1. What do I need?
      2. Information to request
    7. Applying transfer credits to university degree requirements
    8. Registration procedures (priority dates, drop/add, etc.)
    9. PCC application for graduation
    10. Career research
    11. Time management for the transfer student
    12. Resume and social media sites for professional image
  2. Community College and University Resources
    1. Community college resources
      1. Counseling services/guidance information
      2. Advising services
      3. Disabled student resources
      4. Student Success resources
      5. Student Service Center – transcripts, etc.
    2. University resources
      1. University transfer center
      2. Transfer orientation/registration program
      3. University transfer counselor contacts
    3. Other student support systems
      1. Office of admissions
      2. Multicultural Affairs
      3. Honors center/college
      4. University/department undergraduate advisors
      5. Tutoring
      6. Financial aid resources
      7. Disability resource center
      8. On/Off campus housing
      9. Parking policies/transportation services
      10. Intercollegiate athletics
      11. Student health services
      12. Student activities/organizations
      13. Libraries Services
      14. Registration services
      15. Career and leadership centers
      16. Counseling Services
      17. Pre-professional programs
  3. University Transition Procedures
    1. Application process and requirements
      1. Admission policies, deadlines, placement examinations
      2. Transfer student GPA policies and limitations
    2. 3. Academic transcript requests (high school, community college, other colleges/universities,                              military, etc.)
      1. Academic evaluation appeals
      2. Financial aid policies, deadlines, and appropriate applications
      3. Scholarships
      4. Advanced standing policies
      5. Submission of additional forms and records
    3. Application for other services
      1. Student health
      2. Housing
      3. Parking
      4. Disabled student resources 
    4. Connection with University of Arizona advising
  4. Evaluation of Financial Resources and Creation of a Financial Plan for University Costs 
    1. Cost of tuition per semester, per year, and until graduation/degree completion
    2. Financial aid eligibility and possible award monies
    3. Scholarship searches
    4. Development of personal statement
    5. Plan for expenses and cost of attendance
    6. Budgeting for a college student
  5. College Learning Outcomes
    1. Application in everyday life
    2. Application in future education
    3. Successful strategies for being a lifelong learner
    4. Use of information and resources in an ethical and effective manner