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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LGM 106 - Transportation and Traffic Management

3 Credits, 3 Contact Hours
3 lecture periods 0 lab periods

A study of the domestic freight transportation system. Includes demand for freight movement, laws, regulations, pricing, and policies. Also includes traffic management, customer service, security, and international transportation issues.

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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Assess the domestic freight transportation system.
  2. Compare different modes of transportation.
  3. Analyze the demand for and pricing of freight transportation.
  4. Discuss use of Transportation Management Systems for selection of appropriate carrier.
  5. Explain freight transportation, laws, regulations, and policies.
  6. Examine freight traffic management, customer service, and security.
  7. Discuss international transportation issues.

  1. Introduction to the Domestic Freight Transportation System
  2. Modes of Freight Transport
    1. Road
    2. Rail
    3. Sea
    4. Air
  3. Freight Transportation Pricing
  4. Freight Costs
    1. Demurrage
    2. Detention
    3. Fuel surcharge (FSC)
    4. Inspections
  5. Transportation Management Systems
  6. Laws and Policies Effecting Freight Transportation
  7. Traffic Management, Customer Service and Security
    1. Loss/damage prevention for goods in transit
    2. Tracing and expediting shipments
    3. Precautions for shipping hazardous materials
    4. Tamper evidence
    5. Customer service management
      1. Defining the relationship between organization and customer
      2. Retaining  existing customers
      3. Attracting new customers
      4. Dimensions of good customer service
        1. Reliability
        2. Responsiveness
        3. A feeling of being valued
        4. Empathy
        5. Competency
  8. International Transportation Issues
  9. Carrier Selection Criteria