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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog
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LIT 225 - Science Fiction Literature

3 Credits, 3 Contact Hours
3 lecture periods 0 lab periods

Survey of science fiction work from the nineteenth through the twenty-first centuries in a variety of forms and media. Includes the development and components of the genre, its subgenres, and critical analysis of science fiction literary works. Also includes the role of technology and social issues in science fiction.

Prerequisite(s): WRT 101 WRT 101HC WRT 101S , or WRT 101SE  
Gen-Ed: Meets AGEC - HUM and I; Meets - CTE A&H.

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Explain the history of and critical terms used in studying and analyzing science fiction literature and other media.
  2. Identify subgenres within science fiction.
  3. Critically analyze science fiction literature based on literary elements such as theme, motif, setting, and character.
  4. Examine the relationship between technology in science fiction and technological developments in society.
  5. Identify the major social issues of traditional and contemporary science fiction.
  6. Write formal essays.

  1. Intensive Writing and Critical Inquiry
    1. Producing written discourse in more than one assignment through papers, reports, quizzes, tests, etc., which includes a minimum word standard of 3000 words.
    2. Written assignments emphasize critical inquiry which includes the gathering, interpreting, and evaluating of evidence.
    3. Includes a formal out of class paper of at least 1,500 words which requires critical inquiry and where the writer develops and supports a main idea.  
    4. Explicit writing instruction with timely feedback to help students improve their writing and critical inquiry skills is part of the course’s content.
    5. The evaluation of written assignments must include the overall quality of written work and critical inquiry, as measured by a rubric.
    6. At least 50% of the student’s grade must be based on the written work and critical inquiry assignments.
  2. Emergence of Science Fiction
    1. History
      1. Early history
      2. Pre and Post 1950
    2. Definition of terms
    3. Components
    4. Science fiction in American ethnic and other minority cultures
    5. Science fiction in European, Asian, Latin-American and other non-U.S. nations
  3. Subgenres
    1. Early days of modern scientification
    2. Parables of social criticism
    3. Pulp culture and American Science Fiction
    4. Hard Sci-Fi versus soft Sci-Fi
  4. Elements of Literature
    1. Theme
    2. Motif
    3. Setting
    4. Character
    5. Other
  5. Technology and Science Fiction
    1. Role of technology within the science fiction genre
    2. Role of science fiction in technological development in society
  6. Social Issues in Science Fiction
    1. Identity and existence
    2. Gender, race, and ethnicity
    3. Ecosystems
    4. Utopias and dystopias
    5. Philosophy and ethics
    6. Religion and belief systems
  7. Critical Analysis and Writing
    1. Use writing for critical analysis, including gathering, interpreting, and evaluating evidence
    2. Produce written discourse in various forms, totaling 2,500 words or more
    3. Combine in-class and out-of-class written work
    4. Include an out-of-class paper, of at least 1,200 words, requiring critical inquiry

Effective Term:
Fall 2022

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