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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CUL 156 - Pies

1 Credits, 1.5 Contact Hours
.5 lecture periods 1 lab period

Introduction to the art of baking pies. Includes a variety of pastry dough, fillings, and other ingredients for creating pies and tarts. Also includes mixing; shaping; baking; and plating and presentation.

Prerequisite(s): CUL 105  and CUL 140 .
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Course Learning Outcomes
1.   Identify basic types of pie ingredients, preparation tools, and mixing methods.

2.   Prepare pies using commercial baking equipment.

3.   Evaluate pies to determine quality levels.

4.   Demonstrate proper production plating and presentation techniques.

  1. Pie Preparation
    1. Define baking terms
    2. Baking ingredients and functions
    3. Baking tools, utensils, and equipment
    4. Preparation principles
  2. Pie Dough
    1. Basic pie dough and crusts
    2. Mixing methods
    3. Pie shapes
    4. Application of mixes and other value added products
  3. Baking
    1. Pie filling
    2. Baking and cooling procedures

           IV.     Evaluation of Pies to Determine Quality Levels

           V.      Presenting Pies

  1. Basic types of pie toppings and appropriate uses
  2. Plating Techniques

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