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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CIS 104 - Computer Fundamentals

3 Credits, 4 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 2 lab periods

Introduction to computer information systems. Includes hardware, system software, networks, and threats posed by malicious software and web sites. Also includes the social and economic effects of information, using the Internet to do research, and productivity application software.

Recommendation: Completion of REA 091  or satisfactory score on the reading assessment test before enrolling in this course.
Gen-Ed: Meets CTE - Options.

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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate proficiency with productivity application software – Word, Excel PowerPoint and Access.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of operating system basics especially using the Windows interface, and using Windows Explorer/File Explorer to to manage and organize files and folders.
  3. Interpret information by selecting and analyzing information from the Internet appropriate to task.
  4. Critically evaluate the information retrieved from the Internet for relevancy and accuracy.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of the various threats to privacy, safety, and security a user may encounter on the Internet.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical and environmental issues related to using computers and information technology.
  7. Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of computer hardware components to evaluate systems for personal use.
  8. Discuss the impact of Information Technology and the Internet on society and the economy.
  9. Demonstrate knowledge of the equipment needed and installation procedures required for setting up a home network.


I.    Windows Interface

A.   Use Windows desktop icons and menus to launch applications.

B.   Use Taskbar to identify active applications and switch between them.

C.   Use Windows Explorer/File Explorer to manage and organize files and folders.

II.   Business Application Tools - Word

A.   Editing and formatting

B.   Importing/Inserting

1.  Pictures

2.  Excel Charts

3.  Tables

C.   Creating and modifying

1.  Styles

2.  Table of content

III.  Business Application Tools - Excel

A.   Create, edit and format spreadsheets

B.   Create and modify formulas using absolute, mixed and relative cell reference

C.   Use Excel functions

D.   Create and modify charts

IV.  Business Application Tools - Access

A.   File management

B.   Create, design, normalize, join tables

C.   Enter, update, delete, filter and sort data

D.   Generate reports

V.   Business Application Tools - PowerPoint

A.   Create

1.   Slideshows

2.   Templates and master slides

3.   Outlines

B.   Modify

1.   Slideshows

2.   Templates

3.   Outlines

C. Import/insert

1.   Pictures

2.   Graphs

3.   Slides

VI.  Other topics

A.  Internet Fundamentals

1.   Performing web-based research using search engines

2.   Select and analyze information retrieved from searches

3.   Critically evaluate of Internet information

4.   Cite Internet sources

B.   Privacy, security and safety

1.   Threats and defenses against them

2.   Internet fraud

C.   Ethical and Environmental issues

1.   Intellectual property rights

2.   Responsible email and social media behavior

3.   Using energy efficient equipment

4.   Disposing of equipment in an environmentally safe manner

D.   Hardware

1.   High level view of the basics: CPU, RAM, input and output devices, etc.

2.   Become an informed consumer: match computing devices with your needs.

E.   Social and economic effects of Information Technology and the Internet

     1.   New jobs created

2.   Old jobs destroyed

F.   Home Networks

  1.   Equipment needed

  2.   Securing your network against threats