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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog
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AVM 150 - Aircraft Sheet Metal Repair III

4 Credits, 8 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 6 lab periods

Continuation of AVM 106 . Includes repair publications, materials handling, cable fabrication, machining processes, protective coatings, hand forming and structural repair processes.

Prerequisite(s): AVM 106  

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate the use of the Structural Repair Manual (SRM), Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC), Service Bulletins (SBs), Airworthiness Directives (ADs), Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), and Engineering Orders (EOs).
  2. Describe the methods of material handling and material verification.
  3. Describe and demonstrate drilling, reaming, heli-coil installation, routing, spot facing, counter boring, torqueing, and jigging.
  4. Describe and demonstrate coating applications.
  5. Describe and demonstrate hand forming of flanges, concave curvatures, and convex curvatures.
  6. Describe layout procedures and perform dent repair, web repair, skin repair, and spar repair.

  1. Repair Publication Use
    1. SRM
    2. IPC
    3. SBs
    4. ADs
    5. STCs
    6. EOs
    7. Blueprint reading
  2. Materials Handling and Verification
    1. Rules of handling sheet metal
    2. Importance of verification
    3. Methods of verification
    4. Hardness testing identification
  3. Special Machining Processes
    1. Drilling and reaming tooling
    2. Drilling and reaming of close tolerance hardware and fittings
    3. Rivet shaver
    4. Routing procedures
    5. Spot facing application and tooling
    6. Spot facing procedures
    7. Counter boring application and tooling
    8. Counter boring procedures
    9. Torque applications
    10. Jig and fixture building
  4. Protective Coatings
    1. Alodine treatment
    2. Anodizing
    3. Primers and applications
    4. Final coatings and application
  5. Hand Forming
    1. Tooling fabrication
    2. Forming flanges
    3. Forming concave curvatures
    4. Forming convex curvatures
  6. Repair Processes
    1. Dent repairs
    2. Web repairs
    3. Skin repairs
    4. Spar repair
    5. Rib repair

Effective Term:
Full Academic Year 2021/2022

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