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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AIT 291 - Automated Industrial Technology Internship

3 Credits, 6 Contact Hours
0 lecture periods 6 lab periods

Supervised work experience in production environments. Includes experiences in maintenance, troubleshooting, repair of production environment and specific manufacturing processes. Also includes experiences in problem solving; working as a team; soft skills; time and resource management; and exposure to specific manufacturing processes.

Prerequisite(s): AIT 225  or concurrent enrollment.

Course Learning Outcomes
1.           Demonstrate professional workplace behavior.

2.           Assess and report own professional growth over the course of the class.

3.           Identify opportunities for continuing growth.

4.           Allocate time, material, and other resources effectively.

5.           Explain and evaluate manufacturing processes used at a manufacturing facility; and create solutions to identified problems

I.            Professional Workplace Behavior/Employabilty Skills

A.        Attitude

B.        Appearance

1.     Hygiene

2.     Proper attire

C.        Commitment to continuing learning

D.        Punctuality/Dependability

E.        Working safely

F.        Communication

G.        Working in a team

II.           Professional Growth

A.        Self pre-assessment  

1.     Identifying strengths & opportunities for growth

2.     Setting goals and creating plans to reach achieve those goals

B.        Self post-assessment

1.     Identifying successes and opportunities for further growth

2.     Resources to help achieve that growth

III.         Time and Resource Management

A.        Identifying and prioritizing tasks and responsibilities

B.        Evaluating time and other resources available

C.        Analyzing wastes of time and resource

D.        Creation and execution of plans to reduce those wastes

E.        Measuring success of those plans

IV.         Manufacturing Processes

A.        Identification and evaluation of manufacturing processes in use

B.        Analyzing effectiveness existing processes

C.        Determining suitability of alternative processes

D.        Apply quality control concepts and formulate potential improvements

E.        Examine continuous improvement opportunities

V.          Diagnosing Problems and Determining Solutions

A.        Systems thinking

B.        Troubleshooting methodologies

C.        Determining solutions