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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ART 246 - Lighting for Photography II

4 Credits, 6 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 4 lab periods

Continuation of ART 146 . Includes lighting and equipment for studio and location, advanced lighting qualities and techniques, photographing with mixed light sources, lighting for mood and environment, set design and construction, photographing individuals and groups of people, photographing on location, photographing for montage images, advanced image composition, critical analysis, business practices, and portfolios.

Prerequisite(s): ART 146  
Information: Students are strongly recommended to own or have access to a digital camera with manual exposure control and a computer with image processing software. Professional quality cameras, computers and software, printers, lighting equipment and studio will be provided for specific assignments. There may be additional supply costs in addition to course fees. 

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Use professional, continuous, strobe, and flash lighting equipment, professional studio equipment, and professional cameras and lenses with a high level of competency. 
  2. Demonstrate the control of light qualities, and their effect on rendering the subject, to create a sense of time, place, and mood. 
  3. Apply skills effectively in lighting a wide variety of subjects, including multiple people and/or objects in the same image, both in studio and on location. 
  4. Demonstrate advanced skill in image composition and visual literacy. 
  5. Explain basic business practices and marketing. 
  6. Produce a quality portfolio for entering the professional community, which demonstrate professional technical and aesthetic skills in lighting for photography. 

  1. Lighting and Studio Equipment for Studio and Location
    1. Types of strobe and flash light sources – use and safe handling
    2. Studio equipment – use and safe handling
    3. Location equipment – use and safe handling
    4. Incident flash meters
    5. Professional cameras and lenses
    6.    Assignments demonstrating competency
  2. Advanced Lighting Qualities and Techniques
    1. Defining light qualities based on subject
    2. Direction, contrast, size and scale, diffusion
    3. Light controls, scrims, and gobos
    4. Color and color temperature
    5. Assignments demonstrating competency
  3. Photographing With Mixed Light Sources
    1. Color and quality
    2. Controlling balance and exposure
    3. Assignments demonstrating competency
  4. Lighting for Mood and Environment
    1. Creating a sense of time and place
    2. Atmospheric perspective
    3. Symbolism of light qualities
    4. Assignments demonstrating competency
  5. Set Design and Construction
    1. Defining the setting and set
    2. Fabrication
    3. Assignments demonstrating competency
  6. Photographing Individuals and Groups of People
    1. Lighting individuals
    2. Lighting groups
    3. Posing
    4. Organization
    5. Backgrounds and environments
    6.    Assignments demonstrating competency
  7. Photographing on Location
    1. Logistics
    2. Using the environment
    3. Controlling light contrast and quality
    4. Ambient light as fill light
    5. Ambient light as key light
    6. Assignments demonstrating competency
  8. Photographing for Montaged Images
    1. Matching resolution and image quality
    2. Creating effective lighting
    3. Assignments demonstrating competency
  9. Advanced Image Composition
    1. lements of composition
    2. Photographic rendering
    3. Assignments demonstrating competency
  10. Critical Analysis
    1. Groups and individual critiques
    2. Discussions of photographic history and culture
    3. Written review of exhibition
  11. Business Practices
    1. Types of photographic businesses and opportunities
    2. Business forms and organization
    3. Marketing
    4. Assignments demonstrating competency
  12. Portfolios
    1. Types of portfolios
    2. Technical and aesthetic unity and quality
    3. Demonstrate competency and preparation to enter the professional community by producing a final portfolio of ten 8 ½ x 11 inch prints with technical and aesthetic unity and quality, and show professional skill with lighting and camera techniques