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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AJS 115 - Criminal Procedures

3 Credits, 3 Contact Hours
3 lecture periods 0 lab periods

Overview of the criminal justice system used in the United States to adjudicate criminal cases. Includes implications for defendant’s rights, the arrest process, the prosecuting attorney, the defense attorney, courts, grand jury, trial jury, judicial process, and its aftermath.

Prerequisite(s): AJS 101  and AJS 109  
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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Summarize basic rights of defendants and constraints on government as described in the Bill of Rights.
  2. Specify the types of crimes heard in municipal, state, and federal court systems.
  3. Differentiate between post-conviction penalties.
  4. Write reports, case briefs, policy papers and/or problem-solving papers; demonstrating mastery of English grammar, spelling, syntax and composition. Competency 1.1
  5. Use interpersonal skills in deposing witnesses, selecting juries and while examining and cross-examining witnesses. Competency 1.2
  6. Confidently and professionally present yourself in moot court and depositions. Competency 1.3
  7. Apply criminal procedures to fact patterns. Competency 2.1
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of victims’ rights, case flow through the criminal justice system, and due process. Competency 2.2

  1. Historical Development of Laws and the Justice System
  2. The Pre-Trial
    1. Arrest
    2. Initial appearance
    3. Arraignment
    4. Grand Jury, and preliminary hearings
    5. Pretrial motions, hearings, and plea negotiations
    6. Bill of rights
  3. Trial
    1. Trial by jury
    2. Confrontation and assistance of counsel
    3. Roles of major participants
      1. Prosecution
      2. Defense
      3. Court officials
    4. The jury
      1. Instructions and deliberation
    5. Trial procedure
    6. The verdict, appeals, and appellate citations
  4. Sentencing
    1. Post-conviction penalties and correctional procedures
    2. Sentencing philosophy

Extradition and writs