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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ACC 281 - QuickBooks Computer Accounting

3 Credits, 3 Contact Hours
3 lecture periods 0 lab periods

Hands-on experience utilizing current QuickBooks software with accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory and payroll features to set up and maintain accounting records for a small business.

Prerequisite(s): ACC 105  , ACC 150 , and ACC 211  (or concurrent enrollment in ACC 211 ).
Information: Prerequisite(s) may be waived with consent of instructor.
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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Generate and examine financial reports.
  2. Demonstrate and report on changes to the chart of accounts.
  3. Analyze and reconcile bank accounts.
  4. Demonstrate recording of customer invoice, payments and credits.
  5. Demonstrate creation of purchase order, receiving inventory and entering a bill for a vendor.
  6. Illustrate payroll process and paying payroll liabilities.
  7. Experiment with creating and customizing a QuickBooks company.
  8. Illustrate purchase and sales transactions for a service company.
  9. Illustrate purchase and sales transactions for a merchandising company.
  10. Apply knowledge acquired in this and your other accounting courses to a consulting project using QuickBooks software.

  1. Introduction to QuickBooks
    1. Installation of software
    2. Creation and use of company file
    3. Navigation tools
    4. Menus and icons
    5. Reports
    6. Back-up and restore of company files
  2. Customizing QuickBooks
    1. Preferences
    2. Chart of Accounts
    3. Security
  3. Banking
    1. Check register
    2. Deposit process
    3. Writing checks
    4. Reconciling bank accounts.
  4. Customers and Sales
    1. Adding, editing and viewing customers
    2. Sales
    3. Invoicing
    4. Billing
    5. Customer Reports
  5. Vendors, Purchases, and Inventory
    1. Adding, editing and viewing vendors
    2. Adding, editing and viewing items and services
    3. Inventory, Purchase Orders and Bills
    4. Sales tax
    5. Vendor reports
  6. Employees and Payroll
    1. Payroll setup
    2. Time Tracking
    3. Paychecks
    4. Payroll liabilities and Payroll tax forms.
    5. Payroll reports
  7. Reports and Graphs
    1. Trial Balance and Adjusted Trial Balance
    2. General Ledger
    3. Profit and Loss
    4. Balance Sheet
    5. Statement of Cash Flows
    6. Tax Reports
    7. Management Reports
  8. New Company Setup
    1. EasyStep setup
    2. Customizing QuickBooks
  9. Accounting for a Service Company
    1. Purchase and sales transactions
    2. Adjusting entries
    3. Reports
  10. QuickBooks Consulting Project (8 week project)
    1. Real, practical experience working with an existing business that utilizes QuickBooks.
    2. Maintain monthly accounting records for the business, and produce all required internal and external reports using QuickBooks Software.