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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SSE 184 - Introductory Ethics: A Social Services Perspective

3 Credits, 3 Contact Hours
3 lecture periods 0 lab periods

Exploratory introduction of ethics from an historical and multicultural perspective viewed through the lens of contemporary social issues and social services delivery systems.

Gen-Ed: Meets AGEC - HUM; Meets CTE - A&H.

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Examine the values and beliefs that inform our personal ethical codes.
  2. Understand the historical development of ethical thinking, from ancient to contemporary philosophical traditions, with particular attention to the development of social services codes of ethics.
  3. Explore the ethical traditions of diverse cultures, including multicultural perspectives. Understand the similarities and differences between cultures in viewing human rights.
  4. Review the code of ethics of professions and/or occupations related to social service delivery.
  5. Recognize the nature of an ethical dilemma in the context of social service professions.
  6. Analyze personal and professional ethical dilemmas through models of ethical decision-making based on professional codes of ethics.
  7. Apply critical thinking skills and models of ethical decision-making to contemporary social issues.

  1. Matters of Life and Death
    1. Cloning and Reproductive Technologies
    2. Abortion
    3. Euthanasia
    4. Punishment and the Death Penalty
    5. War, Terrorism and Counterterrorism
  2.      Matters of Diversity and Equality
    1. Human Rights
    2. Race and Ethnicity
    3. Gender
    4. Sexual Orientation
    5. Disability
  3.     Expanding the Circle
    1. Poverty and Hunger
    2. Ethical Treatment of Animals
    3. Environmental Ethics
    4. Cyber Ethics

Effective Term:
Full Academic Year 2021-2022

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