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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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NRS 202CA - Nursing Process IV Clinical Lab - A

3.5 Credits, 10.5 Contact Hours
0 lecture periods 10.5 lab periods

This is the Clinical Lab Part A portion of NRS 202 .

Prerequisite(s): BIO 205IN , NRS 201 , NRS 201LC , and PSY 240  or, ECE 107 .
Corequisite(s): NRS 202 , NRS 202CB  
Information: Students must be admitted to the PCC Nursing program and obtain consent of the Nursing Department before enrolling in this course. This course serves as the capstone for the nursing program.

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Integrate behaviors and processes that facilitate the achievement of shared goals within nursing practice and the healthcare environment. [leadership]
  2. Describe own strengths, limitations, and values in functioning as a member of a team, identifying and managing overlaps in team member roles and accountabilities. [teamwork and collaboration]
  3. Integrate professional behaviors and standards of practice in caring for individual patients and groups of patients. [professionalism]
  4. Interact effectively with patients, families, and colleagues to enhance patient satisfaction and health outcomes. [communication]
  5. Integrate best current evidence with clinical expertise and patient/family preferences and values for delivery of optimal health care. [evidence-based practice]
  6. Use information and technology to communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error, and support decision making. [informatics]
  7. Integrate understanding of multiple dimensions of patient-centered care. [patient-centered care]
  8. \Integrate and promote the use of data to monitor the outcomes of care processes to continuously improve the quality and safety of healthcare. [quality improvement]
  9. Promote behaviors to minimize risk of hard to patients and providers through both system effectiveness and individual performance. [safety]
  10. Demonstrate an awareness of, and responsiveness to, the larger context of the healthcare system. [systems-based practice]

  1. Nurse as Manager of Client Care in the Application of the Nursing Processes for Client With Complex Alterations
  1. Renal system
  2. Respiratory system
  3. Fluids and electrolytes
  4. Cardiovascular system
  5. Healthcare alterations
  6. Neurological system
  7. Nutrition and metabolism
  8. Multi-system alterations related to burn injury
  9. Hematological system
  10. Immune system
  11. Neuro-endocrine system
  1. Applying the Nursing Process to Those Who Require Emergency Care
  2. Applying Evidence-Based Practice to the Nursing Process

Effective Term:
Spring 2019

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