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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NRS 108 - Drug Calculations

1 Credits, 1 Contact Hours
1 lecture period 0 lab periods

Computation of medication dosage. Includes basic mathematics review, systems of measurement and conversion within those systems, interpretation of drug labels, methods of medication calculation, calculations related to route of administration, and calculations related to specialty clinical areas.

Corequisite(s): HRP 100 , NRS 104 , NRS 104LC , NRS 104LS , NRS 155  
Information: Acceptance into the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing: PN Exit Option through the selective admissions process including the required preparatory and prerequisites to apply to the program. Students must be admitted to the PCC Nursing program and obtain consent of the Nursing Department before enrolling in this course. Students must receive a grade of A on this course.
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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Calculate conversions between measurement systems commonly used in healthcare settings. 
  2. Interpret prescriber’s order, drug labels, and health care abbreviations
  3. Calculate drug dosage amounts using basic formula, ratio and proportion, and fractional equational dimensional analysis.
  4. Calculate drug dosage amounts relevant to specialty clinical areas.

  1. Basic Mathematics Review Relevant to Medication Administration
  2. Systems of Measurement and Measurement Conversions   
  1. Metric system
  2. Apothecary system
  3. Household system
    1. Interpretation of Medication Labels and Guidelines for Safe Administration of Medication
    2. Methods of Drug Calculation
  1. Basic formula
  2. Ratio and proportion
  3. Fractional equation
    1. Preparation of a Solution of a Desired Concentration
    2. Dimensional Analysis
    3. Concentrations, Infusion Rates, and Time Parameters for Intravenous Solution Administration, Including Direct Intravenous Injection Route
    4. Drug Volumes and Infusion Rates Based on Drug Concentration and Volume Per Unit Time
    5. Drug Volumes and Infusion Rates Based on Drug Dosage Per Kilogram of Body Weight Per Unit Time

Effective Term:
Spring 2019