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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog
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MUP 174 - Studio Instruction: Piano II (Major)

2 Credits, 0.5 Contact Hours
0 lecture periods 5 lab periods

Continuation of MUP 164 . Private weekly instrumental lessons. Includes further development of performance skills and participation in recitals and jury exams.

Prerequisite(s): MUP 164  
Corequisite(s): MUS 126 , MUS 129  

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate proper physical characteristics for playing of one’s instrument.
  2. Utilize a concentrated practicing and mental approach for playing instrument, practicing, and problem solving.
  3. Demonstrate and display musicianship and interpretation stylistically appropriate, with respect to historical genres.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to play technical studies such as scales, etudes, etc., appropriate for student’s level.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to correctly execute rhythms in repertoire appropriate to student’s level.

  1. Accurate Execution of Rhythm and Pitch
  2. Interpretation of Repertoire Written in Homophonic and Polyphonic Textures
  3. Literature that are Etudes in Nature
  4. Scales and Arpeggios
  5. Other Technical Studies Considered Appropriate to Student’s Level
  6. Literature Representative of Contrasting Historical Periods and Styles
  7. History and Theory to be Taught Relevant to Literature Being Covered
  8. Student Must Perform Satisfactorily in a Student Recital in Order to Receive Credit for the Course
  9. Student Must Play a Jury Exam for the Piano Faculty in Order to Receive Credit for the Course

Effective Term:
Full Academic Year 2017/2018

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