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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog
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FAW 132 - Kickboxing

1 Credits, 2 Contact Hours
0 lecture periods 2 lab periods

Total body conditioning using various kickboxing exercises, stations, and equipment that provide a cardiovascular challenge while emphasizing development of muscular strength and endurance through upper and lower body striking activities. Includes personal safety and preparation, personal fitness assessment and activity modifications, and kickboxing skill development.

Information: May be taken two times for a maximum of two credit hours. If this course is repeated, see a financial aid or Veteran’s Affairs advisor to determine funding eligibility as appropriate. Students are expected to provide their own bag gloves or hand wraps for contact with the bags and pads.

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate essential kicking and punching skills with proper technique.
  2. Demonstrate improvement in cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance, and/or flexibility.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to adhere to an exercise program


Personal Safety and Preparation

A.   Assessing health risks

B.   Principles and safety considerations of warming up and cooling down

C.   Proper attire, including footwear and hand protection for personal safety

II.    Personal Fitness Assessment and Activity Modifications

  1. Cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance, and/or flexibility
  2. Techniques to increase or decrease exercise intensity
  3. Personal goal setting
  4. Confidence in performing exercises
  1. Kickboxing Skill Development
    1. Preparation – posture and alignment
    2. Execution and dynamic movement principles
    3. Punches and upper body strikes
    4. Blocking and defense
    5. Footwork, kicks, and lower body strikes
    6. Applicability to self-defense

Effective Term:
Fall 2016

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