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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog
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DHE 255LC - Dental Hygiene IV Clinical

3 Credits, 12 Contact Hours
0 lecture periods 12 lab periods

This is the clinical lab portion of DHE 255. Includes application of dental hygiene skills with a variety of clinical patients with dental hygiene care plans at the advanced level. Also includes national, regional, and state exam preparation, advanced instrumentation, advanced ultrasonic inserts and techniques, and preparing for entry level employment.

Prerequisite(s): DHE 208, 208LC, 209, 212, 250, and 250LC.
Corequisite(s): DHE 213, DHE 213CA, DHE 213CB, DHE 216, DHE 255
Information: Students must be admitted to the PCC Dental Hygiene program and obtain consent of the Dental Hygiene department before enrolling in this course.

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Outline patient and candidate requirements and procedures for the WREB clinical examination.
  2. Demonstrate advanced fulcrum techniques, advanced instrumentation, techniques for heavy calculus removal, and advanced techniques for root surface debridement at the level of competency.
  3. Demonstrate power instrumentation for proper angulation and adaptation, and proper use of lasers.
  4. Apply the ADHA Code of Ethics as a guide for ethical consciousness, decision making, and practice.
  5. Document accurate information in the assessment, identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation phases of dental hygiene services.
  6. Demonstrate effective communicate skills verbally, non-verbally, both written and electronically.

  1. American Dental Association (ADA) National Board Review and Preparation
  2. Western Regional Examining Board (WREB) Dental Hygiene Review and Preparation
    1. Identifying individual needs
    2. Mock exam
  3. Advanced Instrumentation
    1. Reinforcement scaling techniques
    2. Furcation instruments
    3. Mini-bladed gracey curets
  4. Advanced Ultrasonic Inserts and Techniques
    1. Insert selection
    2. Instrumentation technique
  5. Preparing for Entry Level Employment
  6. Successful placement of composite and amalgam restorations into Kilgore tooth
  7. Use of laser therapy

Effective Term:
Full Academic Year 2018/19

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