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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DNC 269 - Dance Ensemble

3 Credits, 6 Contact Hours
0 lecture periods 6 lab periods

Practical experience in all aspects for taking a dance piece from basic choreography and creating a professional performance. Includes rehearsal/performance process, responsibilities of a performer and/or a choreographer, performance skills, choreographic review; costuming, make-up, sets, and props; publicity, and analysis of the concert.

Prerequisite(s): DNC 150  or DNC 166  or DNC 219 .
Information: Consent of instructor is required before enrolling in this course. May be taken two times for a maximum of six credit hours. If this course is repeated, see a financial aid or Veteran’s Affairs advisor to determine funding eligibility as appropriate.

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Describe the rehearsal/performance process used in professional settings.
  2. Describe the performer’s responsibilities in a professional setting.
  3. Demonstrate performance skills.
  4. Demonstrate, retain, and perform choreography for a dance concert.
  5. Discuss and demonstrate choreographic review.
  6. Explore dance costuming, use of makeup, sets, and props.
  7. Create PSA’s (public service announcements), press releases, photo shoots, television ads, posters and flyers, and other publicity.
  8. Analyze concert performance and choreography.

  1. Rehearsal/Performance Process
    1. Audition process
    2. Casting
    3. Scheduling
    4. Preliminary rehearsals
    5. Technical rehearsals
    6. Dress rehearsals
    7. Performance
    8. Post-performance process
  2. Responsibilities of a Performer
    1. During rehearsal
  1. Attendance
  2. Attitude
  3. Practice
  4. Teamwork
    1. Performance
  1. Call
  2. Preparation
  3. Mental focus
  4. Projection


  1. Professional image
  2. Strike
    1. Responsibilities of a Choreographer During Rehearsal
      1. Attendance
      2. Preparation
      3. Costuming
    2. Performance Skills
    3. Choreographic Review
      1. Elements of choreographic review
      2. Choreographer’s responsibilities with choreographic review
      3. Class responsibilities with choreographic review
    4. Costuming, Make-Up, Sets, and Props
      1. Costuming for dance
      2. Make-up
      3. Sets
      4. Props
      5. Special effects
    5. Publicity
      1. Public Service Announcements (PSA’s)
      2. Press releases
      3. Photo shoots
      4. Television ads
      5. Posters and flyers
      6. Other
    6. Analysis of the Concert
      1. Production process
      2. Concert process
      3. Performance process
      4. Choreography process

Effective Term:
Spring 2017

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