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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog
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AVM 209 - Intermediate Electricity

3.5 Credits, 8 Contact Hours
1.25 lecture periods 6.75 lab periods

Intermediate electricity includes the study of aircraft airframe electrical components as well as airframe and powerplant electrical systems. Includes electric motors, generators and generator controls, alternators, inventers and related controls, power distribution systems, design and maintenance of aircraft electrical systems, digital electronics, analog electronics, communication and navigation systems, communications, weather warning systems, and electric instruments and autoflight systems.

Prerequisite(s): AVM 208  
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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate proficient knowledge of motors and generators
  2. Demonstrate proficient knowledge of alternators and inverters
  3. Demonstrate proficient knowledge of power distribution systems
  4. Demonstrate proficient knowledge of instrumentation systems

  1. Electric Motors
    1. Motor theory
    2. Motor construction
    3. AC motors
    4. Inspection and maintenance
  2. Generators and Generator Controls
    1. Generator theory
    2. Direct Current (DC) generator construction
    3. Starter-Generators
    4. Generator control
    5. Generator inspection, service and repair
    6. Alternating Current (AC) generators
    7. Voltage regulators
    8. Inverters,
    9. Variable speed, constant frequency power systems
  3. Alternators, Inverters and Related Controls          
    1. AC generators
    2. Voltage regulators
    3. Inverters and static inverters
    4. Variable-speed constant-frequency power systems
  4. Power Distribution Systems
    1. Requirements for power distribution systems
    2. Main power distribution systems
    3. Power distribution in composite aircraft
    4. Large aircraft power distribution
  5. Design and Maintenance of Aircraft Electrical Systems  
    1. Requirements for electrical systems
    2. Aircraft lights
    3. Large aircraft electrical systems
    4. Maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical systems
  6. Digital Electronics           
    1. Logic gates
    2. Integrated circuits
    3. Large scale and very large scale integrated circuits
    4. Microprocessors
    5. Application specific integrated circuits
    6. Digital aircraft systems
    7. Troubleshooting digital circuits and systems
  7. Analog Electronics
    1. DC amplifiers
    2. Radio frequency (RF) amplifiers
    3. Audio amplifiers
    4. Power supplies
    5. Control circuits
  8. Communication and Navigation Systems 
    1. Communications
    2. Navigation
    3. Long range navigation
    4. Installation of avionics equipment
    5. Antennas
  9. Weather Warning Systems
    1. Radar
    2. Digital airborne weather radar
    3. Weather mapping systems
  10. Electric Instruments and Autoflight Systems
    1. Revolutions per minute (RPM) measuring instruments
    2. Temperature indicators
    3. Synchro systems
    4. Fuel quantity indicators
    5. Electromechanical flight instruments
    6. Electronic flight systems
    7. Automatic flight control systems
    8. Autoflight and landing systems
    9. Flight management systems
    10. Strap-down gyro system

Effective Term:
Full Academic Year 2021/22

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