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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog
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ART 270 - Metalwork II: Jewelry

3 Credits, 5 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 3 lab periods

Continuation of ART 170 . Includes design approaches to jewelry making, review of various intermediate techniques, functional considerations involved in jewerly design, and safety and health issues.

Prerequisite(s): ART 170  

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate closer attention to design skills and discussion of contemporary and historical jewelry/metalwork.
  2. Demonstrate intermediate level jewelry techniques.
  3. Demonstrate close attention to functional limitations and aesthetic considerations in the area of jewelry design, both contemporary and historical. 
  4. Demonstrate, describe, and apply safety and health procedures related to materials, tools, and equipment.

  1. Detailed Information and Background on Historical and Contemporary Metalwork   
    1. Metal works from antiquity including decorative, ritual, and functional objects
    2. 20th Century developments in materials and design
    3. Effect of digital techniques on contemporary metalworks and jewelry
    4. Intermediate Instruction in Use of Tools and Equipment
  1. Casting
  2. Wire techniques
  3. Hollow form fabrication
  4. Die fabrication
    1. Intermediate Instruction in Functional Aspects of Jewelry Making
  1. Experimentation, limits, and possibilities
  2. New material explorations
    1. Instruction in All Aspects of Safety and Health Procedures
  1. Personal protective equipment
  2. Equipment procedures
  3. Lab hygiene and waste disposal procedures
  4. Health and safety in the home studio

Effective Term:
Full Academic Year 2020/2021

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