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2024-2025 College Catalog 
2024-2025 College Catalog

ARB 101 - Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I

4 Credits, 4 Contact Hours
4 lecture periods 0 lab periods
Introduction to modern standard Arabic language. Includes modern standard Arabic alphabet, grammatical structures, interpersonal transactions, and cultural contexts. Also includes speaking, listening, reading, and writing of Arabic.

Gen-Ed: Meets AGEC - Options; Meets CTE - A&H.

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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Pronounce sounds, letters, and words using the modern standard Arabic alphabet and write one-letter particles.
  2. Apply simple grammatical structures to daily communication.
  3. Describe common interpersonal transactions and protocols.
  4. Identify and discuss components of the Arabic culture.

  1. Modern Standard Arabic Alphabet
    1. Identify and read characters of the alphabet
    2. Write one-letter particles using the Arabic writing system
    3. Handwriting/calligraphy
    4. Reproduce Arabic sounds and pronounce words
    5. Discuss oral communication from in-person sources, video and audiotapes
  2. Grammatical Structures
    1. Basic sentence structure
    2. Common verbs
    3. Numbers
    4. Descriptors
    5. Possessive pronouns
    6. Gender
    7. Definite article
    8. Subject pronouns
    9. Non-human plural agreement
    10. Noun phrase
  3. Interpersonal Transactions
    1. Questions
    2. Courtesy phrases and formal and informal address
    3. Descriptions of people, places, and things,
    4. Calendar and time functions
    5. Self and family descriptions
    6. Education and school contexts
    7. Daily activities
    8. Expressing likes and dislikes
    9. Invitations
  4. Cultural Contexts
    1. Historical contexts
    2. Geographical contexts
    3. Social interactions
    4. Arabic dialects

Effective Term:
Full Academic Year 2018/19