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2020-2021 College Catalog 
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dental Hygiene, AAS

Learn dental hygiene and dental health education. This program is accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Before enrolling in this program, you must meet certain requirements:

This degree requires a special program application. Once all prerequisites are complete students can access the program application on the MyPima Academics tab in the Degrees and Programs section. Additional application information is available at https://pima.edu/academics-programs/degrees-certificates/health-sciences/dental-studies/dental-hygiene-aas/admission.html​
Once students are accepted into the Dental Hygiene program, admitted students will be expected to meet the criteria below prior to their enrollment in the Dental Hygiene courses. To participate in dental hygiene coursework, accepted students must:

  • Obtain an Arizona DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card.
  • Pass a urine toxicology screening exam.
  • Be able to perform a number of physical activities in the clinical portion of the program. At a minimum, students will be required to lift patients, stand for several hours at a time and perform bending activities. The dental experience also places students under considerable mental and emotional stress as they undertake responsibilities and duties impacting patients’ lives. Students must be able to demonstrate rational and appropriate behavior under stressful conditions. Individuals should give careful consideration to the mental and physical demands of the program prior to submitting an application and be advised that they may be exposed to bloodborne pathogens and infectious diseases during delivery of care.
  • Present proof of immunization or immunity for MMR/Varicella/Hep-B, Hep-A, TB and TDap.
  • Show proof of negative TB skin test or negative chest x-ray for TB.
  • Maintain health insurance.
  • Health related professions students are advised that state/national license exams or certification applications may include a personal history section in which prospective applicants must report and may have to provide a detailed explanation of legal situations. Examples of situations which may prohibit licensure or certification include, but are not limited to: felony or misdemeanor convictions, substance abuse, conviction of an offense involving immoral behavior, or being guilty of acts which deceive, defraud or cause harm to the public in any way.
  • Fingerprinting may be part of many state and federal licensing and certification processes. If there is any question about eligibility for licensure or certification, it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the state and/or federal agency responsible for licensure or certification.

Students who opt to leave the dental hygiene program may re-enter one time without need to repeat mandatory course work, if they re-enter within one (1) year, based on space availability.

What can I do with this degree?

Career Options: Take national and regional exams in preparation for state licensure, then work in general or specialty dental offices, hospitals, schools, public health or government agencies.
Academic Options: Continue your studies at Northern Arizona University for a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene or other online baccalaureate opportunities.

Department/Contact Information:

Dean: 520-206-7694
Program Director: 520-206-6622

Limited Admissions Program:

Students must meet the preparatory coursework and any other prerequisites and apply to the program. Depending on available spots, students may be placed on a waiting list before starting the program. See the website or an advisor for details.

Dental Hygiene Interest Program/Major Codes: AOA9ALA/9DHE
Dental Hygiene Program/Major Codes: AASDNTHYGIEN/DHE1

Preparatory Coursework

Student must have completed the following basic requirements before they may begin the application process.

Subtotal: 16-24 Credits

General Education Requirements

A grade of C or better is required for graduation. Course lists for each General Education category listed below can be found starting in the General Education Requirements for AAS Degrees .

Communication Requirement: †

  • WRT 101  fulfills this requirement

Arts and Humanities Requirement: 3 Credits

Social and Behavioral Sciences Requirement: 3 Credits

Mathematics and Science Requirement: †

Other Requirement: †

  • A PSY course fulfills this requirement, recommend: PSY 101 .

Special Requirement: †

Subtotal: 6 Credits ¥

Subtotal: 51.5 Credits

Psychology course

Subtotal: 17 Credits

Total Credits (not including preparatory coursework): 74.5 Credits

Total credits (including preparatory coursework: 90.5-98.5 Credits

† Core or support course(s) fulfill this requirement.
¥ General Education requires a minimum of 15 credits. This subtotal shows the Gen Ed credits not fulfilled by core or support courses.
Δ DAE 163 /DAE 163LC  will substitute for DHE 116 /DHE 116LC  if completed within the last three years. DAE 164 /DAE 164LB  will substitute for DHE 132 /DHE 132LB  if completed within the last three years. Students must have current CDA certification to substitute these courses. See academic advisor or faculty for information regarding course substitution.