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2020-2021 College Catalog 
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Visual and Performing Arts, Music Concentration, AFA

Study music theory and performance while preparing to transfer to a four-year university.

What can I do with this concentration?

Academic Options: This program has been designed to match as closely as possible the first two years of a music degree at the University of Arizona. Students planning to transfer to another university should meet with an advisor to complete a transfer plan.

Department/Contact Information:

Dean: 520-206-6690
Lead Faculty: Music 206-6826

Conditional Enrollment Program:

You will be eligible to enroll in MUS courses once you have completed the requirement listed above and the Department has authorized your enrollment. See the program director or an advisor for more information.

Conditional Program/Major/Concentration Codes: AFA9FINEARTS

Admitted Program/Major/Concentration Codes: AFAFINEARTS/AFAM

Arizona General Education Curriculum Requirements (AGEC-A)

A grade of C or better is required for graduation. Course lists for each General Education category listed below can be found in the Arizona General Education Curriculum-A (AGEC-A) Certificate .

English Composition: 6 credits

Humanities and Fine Arts: †

Biological and Physical Sciences: 8 credits

Mathematics: 3 credits

Social and Behavioral Sciences: 6 credits

Other Requirements: 3 credits

  • MUS 202  fulfills 3 credits of this requirement.
  • Complete a non-Humanities and Fine Arts course from this category. Recommend: CMN 102  or HUM 251  or PHI 120  

Special Requirements

  • The I, C, and G requirement should be fulfilled by courses in the above categories.
  • Recommend: ANT 112 

Subtotal: 26 credits¥

Music Ensemble: 4 credits

Complete 4 credits from the following. A course may be taken more than once to fulfill this requirement:

Subtotal: 38 credits

Subtotal: 1 credit

Total credits as displayed: 65 Credits

† Core or support course(s) fulfill this requirement.
¥ The AGEC requires 35 credits. This subtotal shows the AGEC credits not fulfilled by core or support courses.
** Both MUS 223  and MUS 224  must be completed in order to get the MUS 2222 SUN designation.
*** Both MUS 226  and MUS 228  must be completed in order to get the MUS 2223 SUN designation.