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2022-2023 College Catalog 
2022-2023 College Catalog
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FSS 236 - Health Communication: Behavioral Change

2 Credits, 2 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 0 lab periods

Communication skills and coaching techniques for the fitness professional and health coach. Includes psychological theories, stages of change, mediators of change, creating SMART goals, and coaching practice.

Information: This course is intended for the Fitness Professional Certificate program and continuing education for fitness professionals, health and wellness coaches, personal interest, and physical education teachers.

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Explain and apply different psychological theories to clients with varied backgrounds and goals.
  2. Identify the five (5) stages of change and apply appropriate mediators for each stage.    
  3. Demonstrate the ability to write effective SMART goals.   

  1. Communication and Coaching Skills
    1. Empathy
    2. Active listening
    3. Verbal and nonverbal communication
    4. Emotional intelligence
    5. Strengths-based coaching
  2. Stages of Change
    1. 5 stages
    2. Mediators of change at each stage
      1. Cognitive and behavioral processes
      2. Matching activities to the stage of readiness
  3. Psychological Theories
    1. Social Cognitive Theory
    2. Health Belief Model
    3. Self-Determination Theory
    4. Theory of Planned Behavior
    5. Decision-Making Theory
    6. Social Ecological Model
  4. Developing SMART goals
    1. Specific
    2. Measurable
    3. Action-oriented
    4. Realistic
    5. Time-bound

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