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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog
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CIS 107 - Swift Programing I

3 Credits, 4 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 2 lab periods

Introduction to programming. Includes tools, techniques and concepts to develop an iOS application using the Swift programming language.  Also include data types, flow control, functions, algorithms and classes.    

Recommendation: Basic computer skills including installing programs, navigating the computer file system and downloading files from the internet.
Information: This course is based on Apple’s “Develop in Swift Explorations” and requires a MacOS based laptop or desktop computer to complete the programming assignments.
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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Design programs using multiple data types, control and repetition structures
  2. Describe the importance of the design process
  3. Use common development tools to create a simple iOS application

  1. Introduction
    1. iOS overview
    2. MacOS basics
    3. Overview of Swift
  2. Values
    1. Variable declaration and assignment
    2. Variable types
    3. Constants
  3. Algorithms
    1. Functions
    2. Parameters and return values
    3. Comparison operators
    4. Conditional statements
  4. Organizing Data
    1. Classes
      1. Instances
      2. Methods
    2. Arrays 
    3. Custom Structures
    4. Flow control
      1. Loops
      2. Switch
  5. Building Apps

Effective Term:
Fall 2023

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