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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog
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CIS 201 - Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure

3 Credits, 4 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 2 lab periods

Introduction to managing a cloud virtualized data center using Microsoft Azure. Includes the Azure architecture, resources available in Azure, deployment and management of virtual machines, networks, and storage.  Also includes managing costs and security Azure resources.

Prerequisite(s): CIS 221  
Information: This course may help students prepare for the “Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals” certification

Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Deploy standard cloud infrastructure features within an Azure infrastructure.
  2. Evaluate security and compliance issues and associated solutions.
  3. Explain how costs using Azure can be estimated and managed.

  1. Cloud Computing Concepts
    1. Benefits and limitations of cloud computing
    2. Cloud service models
    3. Deployment options
  2. Azure Architecture
    1. Resources and resource groups
    2. Regions
    3. Availability zones
    4. Resource management
  3. Azure Resources
    1. Virtual machines
    2. Container instances
    3. Kubernetes service
    4. Windows Virtual Desktop
    5. Azure Marketplace
  4. Management Tools and Solutions
    1. Azure Management Tools
    2. Solutions
      1. Data analytics
      2. AI and machine learning
      3. Serverless computing
  5. Security and Compliance
    1. Core security features
    2. Azure Sentinel
    3. Azure Active Directory
    4. Authentication and authorization
    5. Multi-factor and single-sign on
    6. Governance features
    7. Azure Sovereign Regions
  6. Cost Management
    1. Pricing calculator
    2. Total cost of ownership
    3. Service level agreements

Effective Term:
Fall 2023

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