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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MLA 200 - Team and Leadership Fundamentals I

2 Credits, 2 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 0 lab periods

Team and Leadership Fundamentals I is the first half of a survey course that focuses on laying the foundation for teams and leadership. The topics include skills that will allow cadets to improve their leadership on a personal level and within a team. The courses will prepare cadets for their field training experience, where they will be able to put the concepts, learned into practice. The purpose is to instill a leadership mindset and to motivate sophomore students to transition from AFROTC cadet to AFROTC officer candidate.

Information: United States Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AFROTC) Cadets must attend a Leadership seminar on Monday from 5:30 A.M. to 7:30 A.M. Course offered in cooperation with the University of Arizona.
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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Comprehend how personality types can influence leadership and mission accomplishment.
  2. Comprehend that effective listening positively affects mission accomplishment
  3. Discuss the traits and characteristics of an effective follower.
  4. Comprehend basic principles of the Full Range Leadership (FRL) model.
  5. Comprehend, discuss, and apply the Practical Problem Solving Method (PPSM) 
  6. Comprehend the concepts of the major motivation theories.
  7. Understand the relationship of standards and accountability.

  1. Introduction and Orientation
    1. Leadership Introduction and fundamentals
    2. Classroom conduct, testing requirements, and other administrative procedures
  2. Personality Profile
    1. Understand your own personality type and preferences in working with other types of personalities
    2. Utility of various types of personality instruments
  3. Effective Listening
    1. Introduction to effective listening skills
    2. 10 most common listening problems
    3. Relationships between listening and interpersonal communication
  4. Followership
    1. Nature of effective followership
    2. Kelley’s Two-Dimensional Model of Follower Behavior
    3. Identifying situations where followers are ineffective
  5. Full-Range Leadership
    1. Introduction to the FRL Model
    2. Developing your leadership style
  6. Problem Solving
    1. Introduction to PPSM
    2. Merits of having a systematic process for problem solving
    3. Problem-solving scenarios
  7. Motivation
    1. Motivating subordinates
    2. Theories of motivation
    3. Guidelines for motivating subordinates
  8. Standards and Accountability
    1. Guided discussion
    2. Case Studies

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