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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BCT 159 - Furniture Design and Construction

3 Credits, 5 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 3 lab periods

Wood furniture-making techniques for hobbyists and professionals. Includes basic material; tools and equipment safety and use; basic techniques and joint construction; advanced areas of furniture construction; metal fittings/fasteners and their application; advanced techniques in furniture making; drafting and workshop geometry; furniture designs and construction details; and restoration, repairs, and wood finishing.

Prerequisite(s): BCT 147  
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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Describe the basic materials used in furniture making.
  2. Demonstrate the safe use of tools and equipment for furniture making.
  3. Demonstrate basic techniques and joint construction for furniture.
  4. Demonstrate advanced areas of furniture construction.
  5. Discuss metal fittings/fasteners and their application in furniture making.
  6. Demonstrate advanced furniture making techniques.
  7. Demonstrate the use of drafting and workshop geometry.
  8. Demonstrate various furniture designs and construction details.
  9. Discuss restoration, repairs, and wood finishing techniques.

  1. Basic Materials
    1. Woods (hardwoods and softwoods)
    2. Veneers and manufactured boards
    3. Plastics, leathers, and metals
    4. Adhesives and abrasives
  2. Tools and Equipment Safety and Use
    1. Cabinet maker’s bench and accessories
    2. Hand tools
    3. Portable power tools and accessories
    4. Woodworking machinery
    5. Workshop layout and furnishings
  3. Basic  Techniques and Joint Construction
    1. Wood preparation
    2. Edge jointing, dadoes, and rabbets
    3. Mortise and tenon and dowel joints
    4. Dovetailing
    5. Miters, scribes, and scarf joints
  4. Advanced Areas of Furniture Construction
    1. Carcass construction
    2. Leg and frame construction
    3. Door, drawer, and tray construction
    4. Fall flaps, secretaries, cylinder falls, and tambours
  5. Metal Fittings/Fasteners and their Applications
    1. Screws, nails and pins
    2. Hinges and locks
    3. Stays, bookcase fittings and castors
    4. Catches, bolts and handles
    5. Knock-up and knock-down fittings
  6. Advanced Techniques in Furniture Making
    1. Veneering, marquetry and inlay
    2. Table Lining
    3. Mouldings and lippings/edgings
    4. Curved work
  7. Drafting and Workshop Geometry
    1. Drawing office
    2. Common projections
    3. Perspective drawing
    4. Useful Geometry for furniture building
  8. Furniture Designs and Construction Details
    1. Tables and desks
    2. Chests, cabinets and sideboards
    3. Bedroom furniture
    4. Seating and upholstery
    5. Furniture for religious worship
    6. Miscellaneous furniture
  9. Restoration, Repairs and Wood Finishing
    1. Structural repairs
    2. Surface damage
    3. Wood finishing basics

Effective Term:
Spring 2013