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2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BCT 135 - National Electrical Code Residential Wiring Applications

4 Credits, 6 Contact Hours
2 lecture periods 4 lab periods

Electrical wiring and installation conforming to National Electrical Code requirements. Includes grounded systems, requirements for over-current protection of conductors, ampacity criteria, installing over-current protection of conductors, installing services, installing motors and transformers, remote control and signaling circuits, and installing structured wiring in homes and offices.

Prerequisite(s): BCT 172  
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Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Describe grounded systems.
  2. Describe the requirements for overcurrent protection of conductors.
  3. Describe ampacity criteria.
  4. Perform the installation of overcurrent protection for conductors.
  5. Perform service installations.
  6. Perform motor and transformer installations.
  7. Perform remote control and signaling circuit installations.
  8. Describe the installation procedures for structured wiring in homes and offices.

  1. Grounded Systems
    1. Circuit and system grounding
    2. Grounding electrode systems
    3. Bonding service equipment
    4. Equipment Grounding
  2. Requirements for Overcurrent Protection of Conductors
    1. Short
    2. Ground fault
    3. Overload
  3. Ampacity criteria
    1. Cross sectional area
    2. Type of insulation
    3. Ambient temperature
  4. Installing Overcurrent Protection of Conductors
    1. Overcurrent devices
    2. Conductor ampacities and temperature ratings
    3. Protection of conductors
    4. Location of overcurrent devices
  5. Installing Devices
    1. Number of services and disconnects
    2. Services conductors
    3. Service entrance conductors
    4. Service equipment
  6. Installing Motors and Transformers
    1. Motor controllers and motor circuits
    2. Protection of motor circuits
    3. Installation requirements for transformers
  7. Remote Control and Signaling Circuits
    1. Terms and definitions
    2. Class one circuits
    3. Class two and class three circuits
    4. Installing class two and three, and programmable logic controller cables
  8. Installing Structured Wiring in Homes and Offices
    1. Wiring Installation
      1. Home television
      2. Telephone
      3. Low voltage signal systems
    2. Detectors, fire alarms, and security systems
      1. Types
      2. Installation

Effective Term:
Spring 2013